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At Inmigreat, we're not just an immigration assistance platform; we're your dedicated companion on the intricate pathways of the United States immigration system. With an array of innovative tools and services, we're committed to making your journey smoother, informed, and empowering.
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Our Services

Elevating Your Immigration Experience

Discover our suite of services tailored to your unique immigration needs

Work Authorization Permit

Secure your employment journey with our simplified online process. Choose from a self-service option guided by our AI assistant Lexi, online assistance with an immigration specialist, or a phone consultation with an immigration expert.
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Asylum Application

Embark on your asylum application process with confidence. Our expert agents provide comprehensive support, including document translation services at a fraction of the market cost.
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USCIS Expedite Requests

Need an urgent resolution? Our platform offers assistance in expediting your USCIS case. From personalized letter templates to real-time case tracking, we're here to fast-track your process.
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Humanitarian Parole Application

Navigate urgent situations with our assistance in applying for Humanitarian Parole. Our comprehensive support helps you present your case effectively and efficiently.
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Adjustment of Status

Transition smoothly to lawful permanent residency through our Adjustment of Status services. Our experts guide you through the complex process, ensuring accuracy and success.

Inmigreat USCIS Case Tracker App

Transform your immigration journey with our mobile app. From AI-driven insights by Lexi to real-time case tracking, driver's license preparation, insightful analytics, and an enriching blog, this app is your comprehensive immigration companion.
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How does it work?

It works in three simple steps.
Answer simple questions in your language.
Upload the necessary evidence, we take care of translating it if necessary.
Download the forms ready to sign and with the necessary instructions to send everything to USCIS.
Inmigreat USCIS Case Tracker
Follow the progress of your case in real time, and be part of a community of immigrants like you!
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Why us

Why Choose Inmigreat?

Here's some reasons why you should consider us
Expert Guidance

Our dedicated immigration specialists and agents understand the nuances of the U.S. immigration system. They provide expert insights and personalized assistance.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Experience the power of AI with Lexi, our AI immigration specialist, designed to provide timely and accurate information.

Real-Time Tracking

Stay informed about your case status with our real-time case tracking. Eliminate uncertainty and gain peace of mind.

Empowerment Through Knowledge

Access resources that empower you, from driver's license preparation to insightful analytics and a knowledge-rich blog.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our transparent pricing is significantly more affordable than traditional legal options. Begin your journey without breaking the bank.


Our Pricing

simple and transparent
Online Political Asylum
Work permit
Humanitarian Parole
Fee Waiver
All the necessary forms
Comprehensive app review by Lexi
Documents traduction
Ready-to-sign forms with precise instructions
USCIS Document Guided Questions
Optional review by an immigration attorney (extra fee)
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Analítica de Datos Inmigreat Case Tracker

Begin Your Journey Today

Your pathway to a streamlined immigration journey starts here. Inmigreat is more than just an app; it's your partner, advocate, and guide. Choose us and empower your journey toward a brighter future in the United States.
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